Bach (arr. Matt Johnston) - Twenty-Four Chorales for Clarinet Choir

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This volume consists of Twenty-Four Chorales in all the Major and Minor Keys, as harmonized by Johann Sebastian Bach. In school we are told of the importance of being able to play our scales in every major and minor key. This volume was created in order to give a chance to practice playing in each key, and in some cases refamiliarize ourselves with the more obscure ones that don’t come up very often. Each chorale is not necessarily technically difficult, so there is also an opportunity to really practice phrasing and ensemble playing.

Bonus material includes Ludwig van Beethoven's Prelude Through All the Major Keys (Op. 39, No. 2), as well as two pages of Scale Warm-Ups from which the players can play slow scales in canon with each other.

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Clarinet Choir

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