Xiao - Duet for Clarinet and Piano - "Subconscious Light"

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Duet for Clarinet and Piano "Subconscioius light" by XIAO Xinzhou. From the composer: "The word "subconscious" came from the book "The Aesthetic Unconsciousness" by Jacques Rancière. The "light" of this piece comes from an accidental feeling that I try to grasp but is elusive... It seems that neither "subconscious" nor "light" can directly feel its concrete existence in music, and the connection between them seems indistinctive or ambiguous. To express the feeling of the relationship between these two concepts in my mind, I used my work to compose a world, deconstructed, extracted and reconstructed the integer multiple harmonics of note D in the writing process, therefore, condensing them into the pitch material of this piece and cast them on the dynamic textures. These textures take a large portion of the whole music, constantly evolving under control, which can be viewed as the intention of grasping something. Simultaneously, I arranged some appearance of harmonic series prototypes to symbolise the light I long to see."

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B-flat Clarinet and Piano

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